Press Conference

The ceremony was followed by a press conference with the speakers at the opening (from left to right): prof. dr. Radovan Fuchs, prof. dr. Aleksa Bjeliš, Mr Ante Žužul, dr. h.c. Doris Pack (MEP), Mr Hans Joachim von Olberg, German Federal minister dr. sc. Annette Schavan and prof. dr. h.c. Vladimir Šimović.


Doris Pack and German Federal minister of education and research, dr. sc. Annette Schavan, talking to the press.




Rector of the University of Zagreb, prof. dr. Aleksa Bjeliš, in an interview on the current situation of higher education reform at the University of Zagreb.





Prof. dr. Siegfried Gehrmann, project manager at the University of Zagreb, explains to the press the Center’s goals and tasks on the website of the Center. In the background German Federal minister of education and research, dean for education of the Faculty of Education and Social Science of the University of Münster and project manager from the University of Münster.