German from the Very Beginning – International Conference on Early German Language Learning, Zagreb, 15th-16th December 2017.

Following the completion of a two-year regional project entitled German from the very beginning and aimed at improving the quality of early learning and teaching of the German language, the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb will host an international conference with the same title on 15th and 16th December 2017.

The results of the project will be presented in the form of numerous workshops, research-based presentations, as well as presentations on the state of early German language learning in the countries participating in the project, and recommendations for learning and teaching German language at an early age.

The focus of the conference is the intensive exchange of knowledge derived from teaching practice and the incentives stemming from studies of German language acquisition / learning in preschool and early school age, in addition to discussions related to the burning issues of early German language learning.

Conference organizers are the Goethe Institut in Istanbul and the Centre for European Education (the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb) in cooperation with the Education and Training Agency. Conference applications may be submitted to the Education and Training Agency.

Further information about the conference programme can be found here.